or Stefaan Van hyfte (°1983, Brussels, Schaarbeek)

Illustrator and visual artist coming from Belgium, Brussels.
Graduated at the Sint Lukas Artschool in Brussels, 2011 in Animation and illustration.
Stift loves the walking man in the city and the limelight of itbut belongs to the rough beauty as solitude of nature.
My work embody those tall tales as you might suspect.

Welcome and enjoy...

Contact me for requests at or à la mobile +32473/585046...
sincerely yours...


Extract of my untitled graphic novel debut.

The storyline goes about a disfunctional director that can't seem to finish a moviescene (see spread aboce) under the pressure of a chaotic shooting, actors that go into an emotional blaze and producer executives that keep the director in hostage to his duties.
We follow the kafkaesk journey and escape route of the director with some memorable links to the history of world cinema. Bellville, Hitchcock, Spielberg, Kubrick... you can guess it.
The graphic novel will be available from 2018-2019. It has no publisher yet.

While working on my comic, I will publish every 2-3 weeks an one-page comicseries called 'wild years'. A vital exercise into the lyricism and magical imagery on how to make the other comic more fun, emotional and breathable for me. An untitled cover follows now, working on the first page. Till soon.

Episode 1: death of a salesman

Episode 1 (Bladk and White version)

                                                                                                             Episode 2 : Cold Turkey


                                                                                        Assignement for warehouse Delhaize 150 years celebration.

    Drawing Days Gent, the work in progress inspired by a textline of Peter Verhelst ("A cow as flat as a carpet, with an udder as        a sitbag" ) (Nederkouter 24, Ibis Hotel Opera)

                                                                               Assignment for the online cultural forum  from Holland 'De Optimist' .

                                                        Assignment for the online cultural forum  from Holland 'De Optimist' .

Fragments from a charming groupsexposition on German soil in Darmstadt, Frankfürt (11-12 February 2017) together with Dutch & Flemish illustrators as myself, Wout Melvin SchildermansBrecht Vandenbroucke, Jan Van der Veken, Ellen van Engelen the Lamelos collectif, Erik Kriek, Simon Spruyt,Marcel Ruijters, Ben Gijsemans, Peter Goes, Ann de Bode, Sam Vanallemeersch & Barbara Stok.

first draft for my debut album. Part of a long stretched out spread inspired by the traditional format ratio of cinema.

Detail from my untitled graphic novel (a debut) which I am working on and which I prolongued a too long time. The storyline goes about the comeback of a fallen director who's struggling to make his last film. Its an excessive hommage to the nature of creating and chaos; always hand in hand together.