or Stefaan Van hyfte (°1983, Brussels, Schaarbeek)

Illustrator and visual artist coming from Belgium, Brussels.
Graduated at the Sint Lukas Artschool in Brussels, 2011 in Animation and illustration.
Stift loves the walking man in the city and the limelight of itbut belongs to the rough beauty as solitude of nature.
My work embody those tall tales as you might suspect.

Welcome and enjoy...

Contact me for requests at or à la mobile +32473/585046...
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We must adore the loudness of privacy and shelter in our western tradition of having houses.  Brick walls, gestured colours and furniture that describes our age of interests, closed or open curtains. On 15 february, I learned that Holland curtians are vividly held open, sometimes the pleasant openess to talk about anything, sometimes developing as bare feet on nails. So houses are basicly the mental wisdom and natural shelter of peoples' minds. On that day, I witnessed the communistic habitat of a notorious comedian from Holland, Andre Van Duin, whos long time running of emboding his drifts and stakes in his mind on television brought him to his installed house on his 65th birthday. He randomly is eager and stubborn to take corrections by bystanders. I jumped on that train with a sense that I reconized that patron of life, exposure of being open with your own persona in a honest way, by the make-up of comedy for a thinking overrunning face. What better mentor I had to portray, even if i didn't had contact with him while making his house' illustrations. I was stuck with blanco preparations and was allowed to fill a place behind the curtains myself. It went sometimes personal for that, but neverless this comedian is branching himself  into wild openess .  He is Peter Sellers among the old generation (and new one I believe, I didn't hold track enough as a Belgian kid with this neighbor comedian). Meaning he is an anthem for a whole nation that watched him on television over the years. His face is so housefurniture. At the expo I mentioned that Dutch people are welcoming others all the time to their minds  That gives a nice combination with a Belgian that just provoces attention and holds up some organic kind of conversations. Neverless I didn't like my sort of dressed illustrations on a personal though, but I really felt bounded with a house I drawed for a different mental minds, the comedian as well a whole remembering stock of people who he entertained with his reflections of the audiences' habitat. I do like the dressing part of my illustrations for this purpose but I don't like the alienation that goes with it. In the middle of finding homes and communities, I made a warming home for somebody else, worked around it, while I myself was and still looking for one.What a gasp that I linked his life, his house with my beginning mine that just moves around all the time right now.