or Stefaan Van hyfte (°1983, Brussels, Schaarbeek)

Illustrator and visual artist coming from Belgium, Brussels.
Graduated at the Sint Lukas Artschool in Brussels, 2011 in Animation and illustration.
Stift loves the walking man in the city and the limelight of itbut belongs to the rough beauty as solitude of nature.
My work embody those tall tales as you might suspect.

Welcome and enjoy...

Contact me for requests at or à la mobile +32473/585046...
sincerely yours...


In loving memories of memories yet to come... Entering Berlin at the GlogauAir Residency from march '12. Finally me and a long time awaited project will get the professional attention it needed.
the 'Fatherproject' collects a wide range of interviews about personal anecdotes or vague memories about peoples fathers. There are no bounderies what will be selected or worked out. I still need some interests from vocal people who are willing to project their stories into my project. Always welcome to deliver a honorable place in my project. Contact me