or Stefaan Van hyfte (°1983, Brussels, Schaarbeek)

Illustrator and visual artist coming from Belgium, Brussels.
Graduated at the Sint Lukas Artschool in Brussels, 2011 in Animation and illustration.
Stift loves the walking man in the city and the limelight of itbut belongs to the rough beauty as solitude of nature.
My work embody those tall tales as you might suspect.

Welcome and enjoy...

Contact me for requests at or à la mobile +32473/585046...
sincerely yours...


Mysticism works all corners around in free work, personal work that reflect something durable within your own timespending. Dailies, working on shift for the newsprint is something else. Reflecting thoughts, blinks and impulsive writtings on the wall makes your work more easy and honest. 
But will it stand up as fastfood for people reading in trams, metros and trains maybe in traffic jammed cars? This illustration is my first publication for a Belgian newsprint, nothing to say about 
our traffic jammed politics or the crisis in Greece... just for poemlovers. (De Morgen 24/01/2012)